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    Temporary fences have high quality requirements during welding, so the welded guardrails have excellent robustness, safety, and beautiful appearance. The production process is usually customized according to customer requirements, and welding technology is used to weld this type of guardrail into various types of styles that users want. Therefore, it is a widely applicable guardrail, Curved sound barrier.
    Grey fence
    The combination structure of highway sound barriers, with various data combinations and painted colors on the surface, is beautiful and elegant. In more and more occasions, as a decoration effect, steel structure fences are considered as sound insulation and noise reduction effects. It is defined as traffic noise reduction and sound insulation equipment. In fact, highway sound barriers also have some other unknown effects.
    The noise reduction effect is particularly good, beautiful, and the noise reduction effect is good. The sound insulation board not only has excellent sound absorption and insulation effect, but also has excellent weather resistance and durability, extending its service life. By choosing a combination of multiple colors and shapes, the phenomenon effect is ideal. According to user requirements, it can be planned into various types of harmony with the environment, forming a bright phenomenon that is harmonious with the surrounding environment, The primary construction process for sound barriers is as follows: on-site preparation, manual excavation pile construction, bottom beam construction, steel vertical equipment, long-distance barrier suction plate equipment noise, and reducer equipment. Due to differences in planning and structural sound barriers, differences in the road section and website of the sound barrier structure are based on practical equipment.

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