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    In order to prevent people from accidentally falling into the foundation pit, the baseboard above the foundation pit wall at the construction site is painted black, yellow or white. The red warning can effectively surround the surrounding pedestrians or vehicles.
    Due to the small mesh of the foundation pit fence, it can prevent debris from falling into the foundation pit and prevent accidents caused by falling objects for workers.
    When fence is used as ground protection on the construction site, it can effectively prevent the risk of falling.
    The separation function used as a pedestrian vehicle separation channel reduces the occurrence of accidents by orderly separation of personnel and vehicles on the construction site.
    Foundation pit fences, also known as edge protection fences, generally have a height of 1.2 * 2 meters, and the surface adopts more eye-catching colors such as yellow and black, white and red, providing a good warning effect. The main difference between products with different classifications lies in the thickness and service life of metal wires, iron plates, and steel pipes.
    The height and facilities of the side wall of the foundation pit:
    The side protection of the foundation pit guardrail consists of 20 × Made of 30mm square rectangular tube, with guardrail columns made of 50 × Made of 50mm (or 40 * 40mm or 60 * 60) square rectangular tube, the base is firmly fixed to the ground with expansion bolts.
    The height of the guardrail column of the foundation pit guardrail should not be less than 1200mm, and the distance from the middle of the column should be 2000mm. The surface should be sprayed with red, white, black, and yellow warning paint, with warning signs set in the middle and 200mm (180mm) high red, white, black, and yellow foot stops set at the bottom.
    The drainage measures for the foundation pit should be taken well, and the drainage ditch should be set outside the protective railing of the foundation pit to effectively drain water. It cannot be installed in areas with water around the foundation pit to prevent it from collapsing due to water ingress.
    Install night warning lights around the foundation pit guardrail, or hang night lighting devices on the foundation pit guardrail.
    Warning signs can be hung outside the foundation pit guardrail.
    Foundation pit guardrails are widely used for boundary safety protection at construction sites, power distribution maintenance, electrical maintenance, renovation, transportation, company warning lines, and other parking spaces.
    The application of foundation pit guardrails makes the construction site cleaner and more beautiful, civilized and safe; Prevent passing cars from being too close to the edge of the foundation pit and causing collapse; Prevent workers from accidentally falling into the foundation pit; Prevent debris from falling into the foundation pit, thereby causing injury to operators in the pit.
    Strengthening the safety protection of construction sites is very important, especially in areas prone to safety accidents, such as foundation pit protection, ground protection, and roof protection.

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