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    1. Fence positioning
    Based on the construction plan and site conditions issued by the owner, measure and locate the temporary enclosure. After setting out the line, please confirm with the owner and make timely adjustments to any discrepancies with the drawings.
    2. Production of columns and plates
    Based on the drawings and on-site measurement dimensions, calculate the number of columns and plates that need to be made. The steel should be treated with rust prevention, painted with two coats of red lead rust prevention paint, and then riveted to the square tube keel to form a plate. The fabricated column and plate keel should be treated with rust prevention and coated with two coats of rust prevention paint.
    3. Foundation construction
    Firstly, according to the snapped position line of the fence and the requirements of the design drawings, excavate the foundation pit with dimensions of 600mm * 600mm * 600mm and 400mm * 400mm * 400mm, and start pouring C20 concrete foundation; At the same time, the completed embedded parts will be installed and fixed. The embedded plate will be made of 150mm * 150mm steel plates, and the concrete pouring process will be strictly carried out in accordance with national standards. After pouring, cover and maintain in a timely manner.
    4. Installation of enclosure plate
    待基礎砼達到一定強度后,進行立柱、板塊安裝,均勻分隔,焊機焊接 到預埋板上,全部焊接完畢后,對焊接情況進行驗收,合格后進行板塊安裝。彩鋼板厚度為0.7mm,彩鋼板間骨架橫向方鋼規格50mm×50mm×2.5mm,縱向方鋼60mm×60mm×3.5mm,在每2.5米加焊斜撐 ,并且焊接完的位置重新做涂刷防銹處理。
    After the foundation concrete reaches a certain strength, the columns and plates should be installed, evenly separated, and welded to the embedded plate by a welding machine. After all welding is completed, the welding situation should be inspected and accepted. After passing the inspection, the plates should be installed. The thickness of the color steel plate is 0.7mm, and the horizontal square steel specification between the color steel plates is 50mm × 50mm × 2.5mm, longitudinal square steel 60mm × 60mm × 3.5mm, slant support shall be welded every 2.5m, and the welded position shall be repainted for rust prevention.
    5. Maintenance of enclosure:
    圍擋的作用的發揮以及良好的外部形象的體現關鍵在  日常的維護。安排一組人員進行維護。日常維護包括:破損的維修,人員分別安排1名員帶領2名維護工人進行巡查維護。在夜間施工期間以及特殊天氣期間增派人員進行巡查維護,確保。
    The key to the safety function of the enclosure and the embodiment of a good external image lies in daily maintenance. Arrange a group of personnel for maintenance. Daily maintenance includes repairing damaged parts, with one safety officer and two maintenance workers arranged for inspection and maintenance. During nighttime construction and special weather periods, additional personnel are dispatched for inspection and maintenance to ensure safety.
    2、 Quality assurance measures:
    1. The installation of fences should be neat, tight, firm, and aesthetically pleasing.
    2. During the construction process of the enclosure, the colored steel plate should not show rust and should be coated with protective materials.
    3. After the enclosure construction is completed, the connection between the color steel plate and the steel pipe, as well as between the steel pipe and the steel pipe, must be firm and there must be no looseness.
    4. After the enclosure construction is completed, the connection between the boards should be smooth, and the straight section should be in a straight line; There should be no significant gaps between the boards
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